FEM analysis of short-fiber-reinforced plastic component application example: Bosch Multipoint Connector Part II - Component Strength

Assessing the strength of a plastic component often causes problems, especially when it is a short-fiber-reinforced component. The first part of the…

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FEM analysis of short fiber reinforced plastic components application example: Bosch Multipoint Connector Part I - Component Stiffness

In the context of initial estimative analyses, it is often not necessary or even possible to use more complex material models that can take anisotropy…

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Mobility Scooter Chassis Optimization Considering Fatigue Strength According to FKM Guideline

As part of this work, the chassis of an existing Merlin-Mobil wheelchair was optimized in terms of weight and payload, based on FEM analyses and…

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A trip to Detroit in January can be surprising - A short travel report

A visit to Detroit in January can be very surprising. Michigan is known for its odd weather - you can supposedly experience all four seasons in one…

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GEO-FiberMap - Investigation of the geometry dependence of fiber orientations at weld lines

The new GEO-FiberMap research project at the Plastics Center in Leipzig is investigating the geometry dependence of fiber orientation at weld lines in…

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Substituting Finite Element Solvers with AI Models for Rheological and Structural Analyses

The calibration of anisotropic material models requires filling and structural simulations to determine the model parameters. The process is…

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Understanding the Bailey-Norton Creep Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Calibrating the Material Model

The Bailey-Norton creep model is used to simulate the behavior of components under long-term loads. Correctly determining the required model…

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New Version V5 of S-Life FKM

S-Life FKM, Version 5 will soon be released

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