Substituting Finite Element Solvers with AI Models for Rheological and Structural Analyses

The calibration of anisotropic material models requires filling and structural simulations to determine the model parameters. The process is…

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Understanding the Bailey-Norton Creep Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Calibrating the Material Model

The Bailey-Norton creep model is used to simulate the behavior of components under long-term loads. Correctly determining the required model…

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New Version V5 of S-Life FKM

S-Life FKM, Version 5 will soon be released

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Pre-calibrated Anisotropic Material Models for Ascend Performance Materials

With providing material data for PART Engineering´s software material database, Ascend Performance Materials helps users to easily implement holistic…

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Strength and Limit Load in the FKM Guideline - A Clarification

Components are often designed too conservatively. Learn in our blog article how you can use the FKM guideline to exploit load-bearing reserves and…

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Using Load Spectra in S-Life

For the description of load situations with changing amplitudes, load spectra can be used for the assessment according to the FKM guideline. This…

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Developing Construction Tools Using Simulation - From the Series "A Commitment to Simulation"

Simulation-driven product development of a handheld electric mixer by BERG TECTOOL GmbH

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Back-to-Basics: Multiscale Material Models for Short-Fiber-Reinforced Plastics

What is Multiscale Modeling?

Multiscale modeling approaches are increasingly used in structural simulation. By means of such approaches, the material…

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