PART Engineering at a glance

Who we are

PART Engineering is a technology-oriented company. For us, everything revolves around technical simulation. For more than two decades we have been active in the field of numerical simulation of products and manufacturing processes. With our simulation competence we are technology partner of well-known CAE software companies. Worldwide, more than 400 corporate customers from a wide range of industry segments use our software and rely on our simulation services.

What we do

Our team of software developers and engineers develops software in the field of structural simulation. Our main focus is in the area of material modeling. This includes the simulation-oriented preparation of material data and the creation of material cards (MatScape), the holistic simulation to capture manufacturing influences on component properties (Converse) as well as the strength assessment of simulation results (S-Life). Our FEA engineers conduct FE analyses on behalf of customers.


by Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Korte, Dr.-Ing. Marcus Stojek and Dr.-Ing. Markus Stommel. As graduates of the Institute for Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University Germany, the founders contribute their expertise in the field of plastics and elastomer technology to the company. PART as an acronym for Plastics And Rubber Technology also illustrates this in the company name.

From the experience of the first years, the need to consider the influence of manufacturing processes on the component properties in the simulation is recognized. While this was already done in the context of FE simulation services for customers via internally available scripts, the software is commercialized and now also marketed.

in order to reflect the meanwhile expanded field of activity, which no longer focuses exclusively on the area of plastics and elastomers, also in the company name.

A further need is identified in the software-supported strength assessment of simulation results. The industry standard for the strength assessment of metal components in general mechanical engineering in the form of the so-called FKM guideline is implemented and marketed as a commercial software.

thus, distributing Converse and S-Life on a global scale.

S-Life is extended with a module that also enables the strength assessment of components made of plastics. S-Life Plastics is thus the first commercial software that enables automated and structured strength assessment of plastic components.

and now also distributes the entire Altair software portfolio for the DACH region with a focus on the plastics industry.