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Typical Analysis Projects


  • Stiffness & Strength Assessment of a Short-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Engine Mount
  • Fatigue Strength Assessement of a Short-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Oil Tube under Random Excitation
  • Modal Analysis of a a Short-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Airintake Manifold
  • Fatigue Strength Assessement of Steel Fuel Tanks
  • Static Strength Assessement of Plastic and Steel Fuel Tanks under Pressure/Vacuum Load
  • Deformation Analysis of Passenger Compartment Components (Static & Crash)
  • Thermal Analysis of Overmolded Electronic Sensors
  • Static Strength Assessement of Door Handles
  • Assembling- and De-Assembling Analysis of Fittings

Domestic Appliances & Consumer

  • Drop Test Analysis of a High Pressure Cleaner
  • Static Strength Assessment of Domestic Heating Pump Covers
  • Stiffness and Strength Assessment of Bottle Caps & Closures
  • Top Load and Collapse Analysis of PET Bottles


  • Stiffness and Strength Assessment of Rubber/Metal-Springs for Rail Bogies
  • Static and Fatigue Strength Assessment of Hydraulic High Pressure Filter Covers
  • Static and Fatigue Strength Assessment of Injection Molding Tools
  • Optimization of Injection Gate, Cooling Channel and Warpage (Injection Molding Tool)

Contact us...

In the following the process from request to start of analysis is outlined.

Typically, depending on the availability of information, the whole process until you have our offer takes a few hours or days.

Follow the steps 1 to 4 for your information.

Step 1: Request

Contact us by phone or mail:

Dr. Marcus Stojek
phone: +49 (0)2204 306 77 22


Step 2: Check

We will discuss with you in detail all your requirements and the desired outcome of the analysis.

In order to decide which kind of analysis is needed and which analysis concept fits best to your request we need some information from you.

Typically this may comprise:

  • PowerPoint or pdf-document with the most important information (e.g. screen shots of component/assembly, load cases, material)
  • 3D-CAD data (if already available)

Confidentiality of your request is in any case guaranteed. Send us your Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), if a legal agreement is necessary.

Step 3: Quotation

After all required information is gathered, we will define an analysis concept that is best suited in order to answer your questions at a reasonable price.

Step 4: You decide...

After you have receive our binding quotation at a fixed price, it is your turn to decide.

After receiving your order, depending on our order backlog the project can start typically within a few days or a week.