From Engineers to Engineers... our motto we live up to, which means providing easy-to-use, effective tools for the daily work of engineers. Engineers' working conditions are a challenge today as they are increasingly confronted with time and cost constraints without compromising the quality of the results achieved. PART software is developed and used in an engineering environment. We know the needs of engineers from our own experience which is reflected in our software.

We offer various software products in order to add value to your existing CAE process chain. The software does not replace but extend the possibilities of your already existing CAE tools like injection molding or FEM solvers. For the simulation of plactic parts we provide Converse and S-Life Plastics which are smoothly integrated and get you more value from your simulations. For the simulation of metallic parts we provide S-Life FKM which evaluates your FEM results according to the German FKM guideline.




Software for FEM analysis of plastic components


Strength Assessment

Software for FEM analysis according to German FKM guideline

Strength Assessment