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61. S-Life_FKM_Release_Notes_V3-2.pdf

Release Notes S-Life V 3.2 Bug Fixes  Several minor bug fixes Graphical User Interface (GUI)    Resizable legend and state block Legend display of global Max/Min Several optimizations of…  

62. S-Life_FKM_Release_Notes_V3-0.pdf

Release Notes S-Life V 3.0 This version is a comprehensive rework of previous S-Life versions with major changes regarding the GUI and thus the work flow. It is strongly recommended to read the…  

63. S-Life_Plastics_Release_Notes_V1-0.pdf

Release Notes S-Life Plastics V 1.0 Known Issues    Material database not editable Non-proportional combination assessment not running Non-constant amplitude assessment (spectrums) not running …  

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