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S-Life Plastics at a Glance

S-Life is an easy-to-use software that conducts a static and  fatigue strength assessment based on FEA results for plastic components made out of unreinforced or reinforced thermoplastic materials.

As input in order to conduct a strength assessment S-Life only needs the local stress tensor and of every FE surface node. The stress tensor is provided by the appropriate result file of the particular FE solver. 

Additionally the user has to provide some basic information about the material and loading conditions. With that S-Life conducts a strength assessment and provides the resulting static and cyclic utilization ratios as contour plots on the surface of the analyzed component. Additionally for every individual node a comprehensive numeric report of the most important assessment variables can be requested as pdf printout for documentation purposes. 

Contact us

For further information and pricing please contact us. Please also feel free to call us at +49-2204-306 77-26. We offer as well FEA and strength assessment for plastic parts as service.

Technology Partners

We are technology partner of major CAE vendors in order to make sure that our software fits into the users' existing CAE processes and interacts smoothly with all supported partner software products.

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