A trip to Detroit in January can be surprising - A short travel report

Created by Sascha Pazour | | Event

A visit to Detroit in January can be very surprising. Michigan is known for its odd weather - you can supposedly experience all four seasons in one day. But the surprise to be reported here has nothing to do with the weather.

Instead of changing conditions, there was only one type of weather in mid-January. When I stepped out onto the street from Detroit International Airport in the afternoon, a 0°F wind was blowing and that didn't change much for a week. One of the reasons for my trip was to attend the Altair Partner Alliance Summit to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Partner Alliance at the Altair headquarters in Troy. As always, it was an almost familiar meeting with many connections between the different partner companies and of course with the great Altair employees. We at PART Engineering have been part of the partner program for an incredible 12 years now. This makes us one of the companies that realized early on the benefits that this unique program offers our customers. This is reflected in the steadily increasing number of users of our software via the partner program.

What I didn't know was that our commitment and loyalty would be recognized and celebrated with the "Altair Award for Long-Term Partnership". The unexpected call to the stage, the applause from the attendees and holding the award in my hands surprised and delighted me at the same time. Not only the great success of our software in the partner program, but also the appreciation that Altair shows us through this award, as well as the great cooperation, encourages us as a company to continue our path together with Altair. But the most important thing is that we can offer our and Altair's customers a unique benefit through the partner program. If you are not yet using our Converse, S-Life Plastics, S-Life FKM and MatScape software, read more about how to get free access through the Altair Partner Program in the section below.

Use PART Engineering Software free of charge via the Altair Partner Program

If you are an Altair software user, you can use third-party Altair Partner software within the Altair licensing system with your existing Altair licenses, provided you have the appropriate licenses. The software is available for direct download via the Altair One Marketplace.

PART Engineering provides you with the following software in the partner program:

Converse combines injection molding simulation with structural simulation. Data obtained within an injection molding simulation can be easily transferred to a FE model for a structural simulation, e.g. fiber orientations, weld lines, pressures.

S-Life Plastics is the strength assessment software for the static and fatigue strength assessment of plastic components made of unreinforced or reinforced thermoplastic materials.

S-Life FKM is the strength assessment software for steel, cast iron and aluminum materials in accordance with the FKM guideline.

The MatScape material modeling software integrated in the above-mentioned products provides the required material cards and strength characteristics in a simple way.

More information about the benefits of the Altair Partner Program can be found in this brochure.

We would be delighted if you would evaluate how our software can help you with your work. Either via the Altair Partner Program, or if you do not have Altair licenses, via a trial version directly from us.

Author: Sascha Pazour, CAE and Sales Engineer, PART Engineering GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany