S-Life FKM


  • Distinct strength assessment through systematic approach
  • Usage of plastic reserves through consideration of stress gradients
  • Comprehensive documentation of the results of the strength assessment through complete numerical report for the reference point
  • Significant time savings in comparison to manual assessment of individual node values
  • Prevention of faults through easy and automated usage
  • Easy identification of the critical hot spot through contour plot of the utilization ratios on the component surface
  • Significant time savings through automated determination of the critical load case combination if multiple loads are applied


  • 3D-Viewer for result evaluation
  • Integrated and extendable material data base with more than 1500 grades
  • Automatic identification of critical load case combinations
  • Static and fatigue strength assessment for non-welded parts according to FKM guideline based on the concept of local strength
  • Output of static and cyclic utilization ratios as contour plot
  • Comprehensive reporting of nodal computation results according to FKM guideline
  • Consolidation of results from different FEA into single model

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For further information and pricing please contact us. Please also feel free to call us at +49-2204-306 77-26. We offer as well FEA according to FKM guideline as service.

S-Life FKM at a Glance

S-Life is a software that enables an easy and automatic assessment of FEM simulation results according to the German FKM guideline [1]. The software is used as a postprocessor. With S-Life at the push of a button the computed stresses will be processed in such a way that an assessment of the static and fatigue strength according to the FKM guideline is carried out. The scope of application is restricted to steel, cast iron and aluminum materials. As result of the assessment the static and cyclic utiliztion ratios will be displayed as contour plot.

[1] N.N: Analytical Strength Assessment of Components in Mechanical Engineering in its 6th revised edition, Forschungskuratorium Maschinenbau, VDMA Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2012

On-Demand Webinar

"S-Life FKM - Software for Strength Assessment"

Im Rahmen des Webinars stellen wir Ihnen unsere Software S-Life FKM vor. S-Life FKM ermöglicht Ihnen einfach und sicher für metallische Maschinenbauteile einen Festigkeitsnachweis nach FKM Richtlinie durchzuführen. Das Webinar umfasst eine Kurzeinführung in die Bedienung und stellt den Nutzen der Software anhand eines Demonstrationsbeispiels dar: statischer Festigkeitsnachweis und Ermüdungsfestigkeitsnachweis eines Sphäroguss Flanschbauteils unter mehreren gleichzeitig wirkenden Lasten.

Sprache: Englisch
Dauer: ca. 45 min.

Sie erhalten Zugang zum Webinar über diesen link. Das Webinar ist in Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Partner Altair Engineering entstanden. Aus diesem Grunde ist im Rahmen der Freischaltung des Webinars eine Anmeldung auf der Altair Engineering website erforderlich.

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